Celebrating Big Changes.

We are celebrating several exciting changes in the Ink3D.ie office this week.

Each individual like/share and retweet/favourite of this blog on facebook and twitter will count as an entry into a draw to win 2kg of free abs, pla or hips 3d filament.


We are happy to announce the launch of our new and improved PLA filament alongside new ABS, HIPS and FLEX filaments. All 3D filaments are premium quality products with roundness tolerances of +/-0.05mm and deep, rich colours.


We are so confident that you will love our filament that we are announcing a 110% money back guarantee.


Our PLA is now €28.75/kg. There is a small p&p price if you only buy one spool. Buy two and your shipping is free!


You can now buy 5 spools at once as part of a multipack for the low price of €132. You can select any combination of size and colour you would like from our range of PLA, ABS, HIPS and FLEX filaments.


Buy two or more spools of any filament and avail of FREE delivery to anywhere in Europe. We send all our 3D filament from Dublin Ireland and most Irish orders arrive within 48 hours of order confirmation.


We are happy to announce that all Ink3D.ie filament will now be shipped in new packaging that both keeps your spool safe from damage in transit and is pleasing to the eye.


3d filament giveaways

You can now look forward to the opportunity to enter into quick and easy competitions to win free spools of our premium quality 3D printer filament. Make sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter, Instagram and other social media to keep up to date with them as they are announced.

each individual like/share and retweet/favourite of this blog on facebook and twitter will count as an entry into a draw to win 2kg of free abs, pla or hips 3d filament.

Terms & conditions.

The draw will take place once 200 entries have been made. Each individual like, share, retweet and favourite counts as individual entry therefore each person can enter a maximum of four times. You must be within the European Union to win. The draw will be recorded live and the video will be posted online.

3D Printing Applications Continue to Grow.

A touching photo depicting a blind mother overcome with emotion as she caresses a 3D printed ultrasound of her unborn child has been doing the rounds on social media this morning.

We at the Ink3D team must admit that this application of 3D printing technology never crossed our mind. The whole industry lends itself so well to the creativity and ingenuity of talented and people in vastly different industries and walks of life.

We look forward to enjoying the fruits of the additive manufacturing revolution in years to come and are thankful to have been reminded of the emotional as well as practical changes that 3D printing will usher in.

You Wouldn't Download a Car...

"You wouldn't download a car". This hyperbole, shouted at us before we had the chance to sing along to the Universal theme tune as children, may have the chance to be put to the test in years to come. If the exponential growth in the power-to-price ratio and material complexity of 3D printers continues at it's current rate, downloading and printing a car may be something we see in our lifetime.


Until then, we'll have to settle with car accessories.

The gap between needing something and having it is being shortened dramatically by the prevalence of domestic 3D printers. 

To quote the original reddit user /u/ responsible for the image that follows: "The future is now. Need the thing, download the thing, print the thing."

We love seeing 3D printers produce beautiful geometric models as much as anyone, but a unique beauty can be found in the cheap, fast and effective production of practical objects.

The following example illustrates this perfectly. 

3D printer filament ireland

Have you any examples of how 3D printing bridged the need-have gap?

Protect Your iPhone 6 Plus With a Printable Cover.

You may have heard by now that the eagerly anticipated iPhone 6 plus has experienced some serious build quality issues. The consumer-demand-driven increase in screen real estate along with the manufacturer obsession of each iteration being thinner than the last has resulted in a €549.99 phone that can bend out of shape during normal use. 

While early adopters await an update as to what Apple will do to rectify the issue, those of us with 3D printers can help temporarily fix the problem by printing iPhone 6 plus covers. These will help prevent the bending illustrated in the video above.

Whether you want to print one for yourself, help a distraught friend or make a profit selling them online, the file linked below should be useful to have over the next few days.

We will also be offering a special €5 off all orders until the end of the week, use the codeword "FUTURAMA" at checkout.

For the .stl files, click here.

UCD Engineering Research Lab.

3D Filament Tested in Dublin, Ireland.

We'd like to say a long overdue thank you to researchers at the mechanical engineering lab in UCD, Colin Keogh and Guilherme Gadelha, for their continued support and collaboration. 

Colin and Guilherme have been running tests on our 3D filament in Dublin, Ireland. We look forward to providing you with the updated results once they are finalised.

We are also excited to announce that Colin and Guilherme will be lending their extensive knowledge of 3D printing to our blog in the near future.

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Colin Keogh and Guilherme Gadelha.

Store Open For Business

3D Printing Filament Available in Ireland and the UK.

3D Printing Filament Available in Ireland and the UK.

We are delighted to announce that our web store is now open for business. All customers from Ireland and the UK can now order from our range of PLA 3D printing filament.

We will be adding other countries to our shipping options within the next few weeks.

Our "3D Printing Tips & Tricks" blog series will be starting at 12:00

We look forward to doing business with you.