Protect Your iPhone 6 Plus With a Printable Cover.

You may have heard by now that the eagerly anticipated iPhone 6 plus has experienced some serious build quality issues. The consumer-demand-driven increase in screen real estate along with the manufacturer obsession of each iteration being thinner than the last has resulted in a €549.99 phone that can bend out of shape during normal use. 

While early adopters await an update as to what Apple will do to rectify the issue, those of us with 3D printers can help temporarily fix the problem by printing iPhone 6 plus covers. These will help prevent the bending illustrated in the video above.

Whether you want to print one for yourself, help a distraught friend or make a profit selling them online, the file linked below should be useful to have over the next few days.

We will also be offering a special €5 off all orders until the end of the week, use the codeword "FUTURAMA" at checkout.

For the .stl files, click here.