You Wouldn't Download a Car...

"You wouldn't download a car". This hyperbole, shouted at us before we had the chance to sing along to the Universal theme tune as children, may have the chance to be put to the test in years to come. If the exponential growth in the power-to-price ratio and material complexity of 3D printers continues at it's current rate, downloading and printing a car may be something we see in our lifetime.


Until then, we'll have to settle with car accessories.

The gap between needing something and having it is being shortened dramatically by the prevalence of domestic 3D printers. 

To quote the original reddit user /u/ responsible for the image that follows: "The future is now. Need the thing, download the thing, print the thing."

We love seeing 3D printers produce beautiful geometric models as much as anyone, but a unique beauty can be found in the cheap, fast and effective production of practical objects.

The following example illustrates this perfectly. 

3D printer filament ireland

Have you any examples of how 3D printing bridged the need-have gap?