As with every other step in the manufacture of Ink3D filaments, the packaging process is professional and contributes towards providing you with a high quality product.

All Ink3D filaments weigh 1kg and are coiled around plastic spools.

The spools are 200mm in diameter and have hollow holes in the centre measuring 52mm in diameter.

The spools also contain small circular openings on the outer edge at both ends to allow for the filament strand to be fixed in place when not in use. This ensures loose filament does not become damaged, uncoiled or warped between uses.

All filaments and spools are vacuum sealed in polyethylene bags along with desiccant pouches to prevent moisture absorption.

The sealed spools are then packaged in branded boxes listing their content.

For more information about the importance of spool dimensions specifically, be sure to read this thoroughly researched article by RichRap (@RichRap3D) here.